Xfinity Cable Box Not Working: How to Troubleshoot

Is your Xfinity cable box not working? Worry no more; there are many workable ways you can fix the problem depending on the nature of the problem. Many issues can make your Xfinity cable box stop working. One of the issues that can make your cable box stop working is when your account has insufficient funds. For this reason, you will have to top up your account for your cable box to continue working. Another issue is when the server of the Xfinity cable box is undergoing maintenance. In this case, you will have to way for a couple of times for the maintenance of your server to be completed.

Then you will restart your cable box to install the updates and continue with its operations. In most cases, these severe issues are usually encountered with weakness in signal strengths on your cable box. This makes the cable box experience poor connections and sometimes may not be able to display some of its channels. It is usually a significant challenge to notice this problem as other factors can lead to poor signal strength. Such factors may include the interferences of signals in the air and changes in weather, most specifically when there is heavy rainfall. For this reason, I recommend you contact the Xfinity customer care center to help you with the information of where there is a maintenance process undergoing in their software.

Check the cable connections on your Xfinity cable box

Another issue may be difficulties in the connection in the cable box. You will have to check the cables for any lost connection to fix this problem. When checking for loose connections on the cable box, always try using spare cables. This will help you know if your cables have issues or are counter, making it easier for you to replace them. However, when you try all these methods and still your cable box does not work, don’t give up. You can use other Troubleshooting methods to fix the Xfinity cable box not working to make it work again. Some of these Troubleshooting methods include;

Restarting your Cable box

There are many ways you can use to restart your Xfinity cable box. One way is to restart the cable box using its power button. To restart the cable box using the power button, long-press the button for about 12 seconds before removing your hands. Allow the cable box to restart and open again to see if the problem is solved. You can also restart your Xfinity cable box using your online account. You can do this by simply logging in to your account and selecting “manage Tv,” then clicking on the “troubleshoot” option. 

Another way to restart your Xfinity cable box is to use of help menu. In this method, you will have to get to the help menu and click the “ok” button to select the restart, and it will take some time to restart the device. In addition, you can also use a power cord to restart your cable box. This method works best if your cable box has a power button. You can also use Xfinity my account app to restart your Xfinity cable box. This is an android app available on the google play store; you can download the app and use it to restart the cable box.

Furthermore, you can restart your Infinity cable box from the device settings. In this method, you can use the remote to press the Xfinity button on the “device settings” and press “ok” Select “power preferences “and click “ok” Scroll down, select the “Restart” option, and press” ok” Finally, you will begin to restart, which will take some time, then reopen again to start working properly. However, if the problem persists, try the following method stated below.

Run a Factory Reset to your Xfinity cable box

This method will delete all the data available in the cable box, including your settings. For this reason, it is always recommended that you search for a backup for your data before factory setting your cable box. This method is suitable, especially when the cable box memory is overloaded with much data that may cause hanging off the cable box. You can do the factory settings using the following ways; One way is by use of Xfinity my account app. This app can be downloaded and used in the android operating system on your device. The IOs version is also available for iPhone users.

To use this app to factory set your cable box, follow the steps below. Open the app on your device and select the device you want to troubleshoot from the options provided in the app. After selecting the device, press “continue,” press on the “System Refresh, “and your cable box will be reset. If the reset is not successful, you can still try resetting it without using the app. In this case, you will reset it using the restore default choice with your remote help. The guidelines on how to reset your cable box using the restore default method are listed below;

  • Using your remote, click on the power button, followed by a menu button to open “user settings” on your screen.
  • Scroll and select the restore default using the up and down buttons.
  • Click on the “restore default option” and ok for the reset to start processing.

The reset process will take some time to complete. If the process completes, your Xfinity cable box will restart for it to save the changes and resume its operations usually. However, if this process is not successful, you can try the next method listed below.

Contact for support from Xfinity customer care

This should be your last option if none of the methods explained in the article were successful for you. Contacting customer care is recommended; they can also guide you in fixing problems related to their server and your account issues. They can as well as instruct you on other possible ways you can use to help you solve deferent from the once stated above depending on the manufacturer features of the Xfinity cable box you are using. The support will offer you sufficient information to have an insight about the issues related to your Xfinity cable box.

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How can I factory set my Xfinity cable box?

You can reset your cable box using two methods. One of the methods is by using the restore default option. The other method is using the Xfinity my account app, which is available for Android and iOS users. The two options are simple, and it is upon you to go for the option that you like.

How can I reboot my Xfinity cable box?

To reboot your Xfinity cable box, ensure your cables are firmly connected. Long press the power button on your cable box for about 12 seconds and leave it to restart.

How can I know if my Xfinity cable box is experiencing problems?

There are signs you will see to help you detect problems encountered with your Xfinity cable box. These signs include blurry pictures on your screen, sound loss, remote failure, poor picture colors, etc.

Can a bad Xfinity cable box destroy my TV?

If there is a power surge through your Xfinity cable box connected to your TV, the answer is yes. In case the cable box is experiencing problems other than power surge, it is not usually easy for it cause any destruction to your TV.

How can I update my Xfinity cable box?

You can easily update your Xfinity cable box by clicking on the “update now” button when you log in to the website. However, there will be some simple procedures you will follow to be able to update your cable box.


Like any other electronic device, Xfinity cable boxes may experience problems in their operations due to different issues encountered. In this article, we have tried to list all the possible problems your Xfinity cable box may encounter that can make it stop working. All the possible solutions to these problems are also mentioned to help you fix the problem accurately. All the solutions mentioned are appropriate; you only select the one you prefer most. If it works for you, you will continue using it whenever your Xfinity cable box encounters problems.

However, if none of the methods worked for you, we recommend you search for assistance from a friend or a collogue. This will help you gather more ideas on how to fix the problem as it is usually believed that two minds put together are better than one. These electronics are not usually designed to last forever. If the problem persists, you should dispose of the cable box and purchase a new one. The cable box may have been damaged completely either on its hardware or software components. This will also avoid the Xfinity cable from transferring the problem to your TV, especially when there is a power surge. I hope this post will help you in a big way.

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