How to Get Internet without Cable: Best Ways & High Speed

Everyone uses wireless connections to surf the Internet. We can easily find a working WiFi network to wirelessly surf the web from our mobile devices and laptops. Wireless networks make your life much easier compared to the traditional cable connection. How to get Internet without Cable? -is one of the most asked questions on the web. This article gives you the best information about how you can cut the cord and go wireless to stream content online and surf the web hassle-free!

There are no wireless networks available in rural areas as companies try to focus more on the urban side. However, there are still cable networks present, and people happily use the same cable networks to access the Internet. However, when it comes to urban areas where things are competitive, there are many options available to get high-speed Internet without cable.

If you are curious about getting the Internet without cable, here’s the list with all the details you might want to know. Let’s find out the best options available to go wireless!

6 Best Ways to Get Internet without Cable

Suppose you are frustrated with your cable internet service provider. In that case, you should opt for one of the below-given methods to get a suitable internet service provider without tangling with cables.

how to get internet without cable

1. Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet is the popular choice for those who need a high-speed Internet connection without a phone line or cable service. To get the Fiber Internet service at your home, all you have to do is search for the Fiber Internet Service Provider in your area.

Verizon, AT&T, Frontier, and many other Internet Service Providers offer Fiber Internet service in many regions across the US. You need to confirm their services in your area.

You can get more information about whether or not their Fiber Internet services are available; visit their official websites and search for your area by entering the pin code.

Fiber Internet Service Providers offer different types of plans to attract their customers. Make sure you compare their pricing plans and then choose your plan accordingly. Based on your requirements, you can choose the appropriate plan to suit your needs.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Internet

  • High-speed Internet Connection: Unlike the standard wireless and cable services, fiber optic internet service offers super-fast internet service. The maximum speed of fiber optic internet is up to 2Gbps. You will get a 20X faster Internet connection through this option.
  • Consistent Internet Connection: The Internet connection you get with this service is super consistent. You will never have any speed or connection issues when you opt for this service.
  • Ideal for Gamers: Gamers need low latency connections to get the best entertainment while playing online games. Fiber Optic Internet Service runs on low latency, ultimately improving your gaming interface.
  • High upload/ download speed: Compared to other internet services, fiber optic internet offers good upload and download speed to suit your needs. It’s a good choice for professionals who work online and need high upload speed to upload documents and files. Fiber Internet will give you the best internet services with consistent speed and no interruptions if you need a high-speed Internet connection and don’t mind high prices.

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2. DSL Internet

Americans with the standard landline phone connection can utilize their connection to have DSL Internet. DSL Technology uses the same network to provide you with the required Internet connection. The DSL Internet connection uses the standard copper wire to provide the Internet connection. The download speed of this network is up to 20 Mbps.

DSL Internet works like the traditional dial-up connection with high-speed Internet. Many popular DSL network companies are active in providing their Internet services to customers.

Let’s talk about the active DSL Internet Service providers in the US. AT&T, Windstream, Century Link, and many other service providers are present in the market with high-speed Internet connection options of up to 100 Mbps.

DSL Internet is a good choice for those who spend most of their time at home. They can watch videos and movies, play games, and do other activities with a high-speed and interruption-free Internet connection.

Compared to other Internet service options in rural areas, DSL Internet is still a good choice with cheaper plans and consistent speed.

3. Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet service providers focus on the areas where fiber optic internet, and landline internet connection are not available. Fixed wireless internet connections are offered to rural areas where they can set up giant antennas to deliver their service without a cable connection.

This service offers internet service via radio waves which don’t require a wired connection or modem. To get this service, you need to set up an antenna in your home to catch the radio waves, and this way, you can have the best internet connection for your home.

To provide a fixed wireless internet connection, the service provider has to set up a transmission channel to transmit the radio waves for the antennas set up in your home. Radio waves can be prevented by trees, walls, mountains, hills, etc. The service provider has to take care of such things before installing their transmission towers for home users.

The transmission tool is usually installed on high buildings, poles, and already installed towers. The company might pay monthly rent for allowing them to set up their transmission tool over your premises if they need it. The fixed internet service is relatively cheaper and makes the internet access free from hassle.

4. Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is offered by satellites from space to customers. You need not have a particular configuration or setup to get the satellite internet service. Unlike other options, satellite internet is nearly available in all areas, rural or urban.

When it comes to using this service for accessing the web, there will be no need to set up the modem or have an infrastructure to install the towers or antennas. The Satellite Internet comes right from the satellites located in space.

There are some drawbacks to using this service. When you use this Internet option, you will sometimes have to face low latency and speed-related issues. Since the signals of the internet travel from thousands of miles away, speed and low latency issues are high.

If you are a gamer and love to play online games, this option is not ideal for you. If you need a faster internet connection for your needs, then Satellite Internet is not a good choice for you. Go for the other options available in the market as the low latency of this option might cause problems in the future.

If we talk about the Satellite Internet Providers in the US, then there are only two providers present in the US, i.e., Hughesnet and Viasat. Only two companies provide Satellite Internet Connection to the customers of the US.

We hope to see new companies in this market in the coming months as people become aware of satellite internet connections and their benefits.

5. 4G LTE Internet

The 4G LTE Internet is known as Mobile Wireless Internet, which almost everyone in today’s times uses. 4G LTE Internet offers wireless connectivity to use the Internet from one device to another.

In some rural areas, the providers still offer the standard 3G and 4G services with a limited Internet speed and not the 4G LTE service. 4G LTE Internet uses the data from network providers such as AT&T, Verizon, etc.

This option acts like the standard mobile hotspot service where you can offer your internet connection to others by sharing the data wirelessly. When you use this service without the hotspot option, you can get more data to share as the companies provide unique plans for 4G LTE Internet.

The service providers make use of the already installed mobile phone towers. The service provider offers a specialized modem to the consumers to use their data. The company provides customized data plans that users can choose as per their needs.

To get the 4G LTE Internet connection, you need to check which company’s network is good in your area. T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T are some of the famous names. After confirming the network’s availability, you can move ahead and pick your favorite provider.

After comparing their network’s availability and pricing options, you can choose from any of these. You can get more information about this service for your home use; visit their official website with a particular category to provide 4G LTE Internet.

The 4G LTE Internet or the Mobile Wireless Networks are offered by plenty of service providers across the US. However, you have the best options available in the market with the highest number of subscribers. You can still try out the services offered by other network providers if you don’t want to go with the above-listed 4G LTE Internet service providers.

6. 5G Home Internet

5G Home Internet is a popular choice for those who need a high-speed Internet connection. The customer has to set up a receiver on his premises to get this service. The receiver receives the internet signals from the already installed mobile towers and available 5G networks.

The 5G Home Internet service can offer you a speed of up to 1000 Mbps. Comparing the Speed of the 5G Home Internet gives tough competition to the fiber optic internet. Unlike other Internet options, the 5G Home Internet connection is expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get WiFi at home without cable?

You can set up any wireless internet plan to get WiFi at your home without cable. You can use the WiFi network or the WiFi router to connect your device to the Internet and access the Internet service wirelessly.

Which Wireless Internet Plan is cheapest?

If we compare the other options, the Fixed Wireless Internet option is a good choice for those searching for an affordable wireless internet service provider. This service is one of the cheapest options among all the other services listed above.

What are the best alternatives to the standard cable connection for high-speed Internet connection?

Currently, there are two options available for those who need a high-speed Internet connection without wires, i.e., Fiber Optic Internet and 5G Home Internet.

Which option is good for me – Fiber Optic or 5G Home Internet?

Both options are suitable for those who need a high-speed Internet connection. If you have both options available, we suggest you go with the Fiber Optic option. It offers a high-speed and consistent internet connection without interruptions compared to the 5G Home internet, where you will sometimes have to face network-related issues.

Can I use a mobile hotspot service to cut the cord?

Almost all the network providers offer mobile Hotspot services. However, they come with limited data. If you want to use the Internet for multiple devices, you should go for the 4G LTE Internet option, which offers more data.

What’s the best Internet option for online gamers?

Online gamers need a high latency internet connection. They should go for either 5G Home Internet or Optic Fiber Internet.

Can I get the Internet and not cable?

You can get Internet connectivity by choosing one of the above-listed options. Depending on the availability of the landline connection or other cable connection, you can even choose the suitable option from the list, which could be even more affordable.

Which is the best Wireless Internet Option for My Home?

The 4G LTE Internet is the best Internet Option available for your home as it is available widely and affordable compared to other options.

The Bottom Line:

The market is full of competition, and we have plenty of options available to get Internet connectivity without cable or landline connection at cheaper rates. Just explore the above options, search for their availability and choose the one that suits your needs and comes under your budget.

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