How To Get Free TV Channels without an Antenna?

There are many available broadcast TV shows that people can freely choose to watch. The common TV networks available include; CBS, NBA, CW, PBS, ABC, and FOX. Daily growth of the internet can enable people to watch this amazing show by streaming locally; this implies that it’s not a must they have an antenna; this information has been on the internet search at high rates. 

In the article, let’s analyze the best option for an individual who wishes to stream local networks for free without being hampered by troubleshooting issues. Take advantage of free trial stations across the US local markets available free. They include; YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Direct Streams, among others. At the end of the article, you’ll stand a chance of selecting the service that provides you with free TV channels, without thinking of any cost-related costs. Let’s have detailed information in the next context.

14 Best Ways to Get Free TV Channels without an Antenna

Free Tv Channels Without an Antenna

1. Use free streaming services with local channels

If you don’t have an antenna, take full advantage of streaming local shows on CBS, NBA, FOX, and ABC. This will help you stay updated with any vital information that you need to hear. We will break it down into each local network for you to understand how it works and if it can guarantee you the best services.

2. Direct Stream TV

It’s one of the most popular local cable channels that you can fully enjoy their services of free trials for about five days if you are using it for the first time. Later you can pay the subscription fee. The needed amount for a subscription is approximately $69.99 monthly without any commitment. Paying for the subscription fee will enable you to stream over 20 streams concurrently within a particular single subscription.

You can stream on your android device, Roku, Apple TV, IOS, Amazon fire TV, and many more supportive devices. Another advantage you will accrue after paying the monthly subscription fee is that you will be provided with a cloud-based DVR. Find amazing information to stream on local and cable channels such as HGTV, Discovery, Freeform, and AMC. Detailed information is available on the promo code page indirect stream review, read and get enlightened.

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3. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another amazing option for streaming ABC, FOX, CBS, and CW. Confirm with the zip code on the website for the availability of the mentioned code within your locality. Your tube can enable you to stream local channels online. All you need is to pay into pay-monthly subscription fee of $40.99 monthly and has no commitments, so you have a choice to out if you want. YouTube TV is supported on Android devices, IOS, Fire TV, Roku devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. Get more information on YouTube TV by reading online reviews.

By watching on YouTube, be sure to contain information about local news, sports, and entertainment in general. It offers a free 7-day trial. Amazing features found on YouTube are: it doesn’t require a cable box, the cloud DVR has no limit to storage space, which means you can store any volume of content you want since space has no restrictions. Different shows can be recorded simultaneously.

Any time you have internet access, you have the freedom to stream into your library; this sounds like a perfect dose to people who often travel and have to spend in hotels. If you hate shoes displayed on the hotel TV, make use of your YouTube TV and watch anything that amazes your soul. Note that a single subscription allows six devices to use the subscribed services. This is a bonus to the family household since everyone will be able to connect and watch content as per their choice.

4. Fubo TV

Take advantage of the free one-week trial and stream your favorite local channels. Apart from streaming ABC, FOX, CBS, and CW alone, Fubo TV has other more available networks to give you full enjoyment, including FSI, BTN, FS2, beIN Sports, and more. Watching the one-week trial section will enable you to learn about other local networks. A starter pack for this station is $64.99 monthly after enjoying the one week’s free trials. Fubo TV is supported on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. Offers a DVR code for 250 storage hours.

5. Sling TV

This channel is a bit cheaper when compared to YouTube TV and Hulu in terms of subscriptions. Cheaper, not in a way that it has shallow content because you can still get access to other local channels via Sling TV, e.g., CN, A&E, HGTV, AMC, and central comedy, among others. You can listen and watch live news, sports movies, comedy, music, and other amazing stuff.

Sling TV requires a subscription fee of $33 per month; this is a fair amount that many people can raise, don’t deprive yourself of the fun of watching your favorite shows. No contracts are termed on the app. New and returning members have a $10 discount on the TV show expecting to see a rough estimate of 34 stations. Don’t miss out on these amazing features due to the lack of a TV antenna.

6. Hulu and live TV

Channels available on Hulu are ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. It has more than 75 channels for you to watch. Live TV has TNT mainly for movies and series of different genres, A7E and ESP. If you have subscribed to these channels, you are guaranteed 50 hours of DVR cloud and free access to the library. The library is usually in high demand in that users are to pay $5 .99 every month for them to have access to the books and other contents. For the two shows, a monthly subscription of $69.99 that is non-contractual will enable you to access any available services on the channel.

7. CBS

Get streams on CBS, BET, Nickelodeon, MTN, Smithsonian and comedy central. This channel is quite affordable since it only requires a monthly subscription of $ offers a free seven-day trial, so take advantage of the trial period and enjoy the amazing services. CBS has a premium plan for you; to be part of the premium plan, you have to pay $9.99 a monthly subscription fee. Videos are also available on 4K HDR, which guarantees you quality services all day long.

8. Local channels on video

This TV service provides more than 95 channels; you will find A4E, NFL, ESPN, and Hallmark. The subscription cost you need to pay is $55 every month. Three more devices can access this subscribed channel, so you can invite your friends and family to watch through your account. New subscribers are given a $10 discount rate.

9. CW

Have you run out of money to pay subscription fees for your favorite channel? Try CW; it’s free; no subscription is needed for you to watch content. It doesn’t require a login password as well. Install the app on your device and hit your favorite series; allow the notification button on so that you get notified when your favorite shoe is displayed. This application is not available to only certain parts of the country, though checkout to confirm if it’s supported in your area.

10. FOX App

The app contains everything you love about Fox, from local to Premium levels. If an application of Fox TV is available on your device, you are in a superb position to watch any content as per your preference. This entails movie shoes, sports on basketball, football, NFL, music, drama, and many more.

11. PBS

It has thousands and hundreds of episodes and lives on TV from the local PBS station. Documentaries and popular shows are always available on this site. You can stream and watch as many as you wish. Some people choose to create a playlist or watch list if they don’t have time to watch at the moment, then later, they will follow up on the shows to watch. If you need full access to the library, subscribe via PSB passport. Still, you can access free content after, let’s say, a day or two after the show has been aired.

12. NBC

There are no local stations on this platform, but you will have access to NBC programming, which is free. If you want to get access to free NBC shows, you have to wait after one week of airing the show. After that period, you can stream or download the show for free. NBC has no local stations, but you can still watch NBC movies, NBC news and shows. Watch Tele undo shows for soap operas and E! For entertainments relating to celebrities. You can also watch CNBC and MSNBC.

13. Locast

If you need to save on your subscription costs, then Locast is the best local station to use; it’s cost-effective since it’s a nonprofit system. It uses broadcast signals from the available local channel support if the internet is available to watch news, shows and other available content. So, if you wish to cut the cost of your streaming or watching your favorite channels, you can bet your bottom dollar on this service. 

14. Free streaming without antenna

You don’t want to pay for the monthly cable and satellite subscription; thanks to today’s technology, you can stream for free and watch anything you want on the internet without restrictions. It comes with a media streaming box, and among the options, you can choose to have Amazon live TV, android TV, and Roku. These media boxes will enhance your streaming and cut down cording. It will enable you to have access to apps and features such as; Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu live TV, AT&T TV, among others. Other amazing features you will encounter will be unlimited cloud storage, the option to stream across numerous devices, and 4K HDR content.

Features to consider when buying a TV streaming device

Availability of content

Go for a streaming device that offers a lot of content. Some devices give a piece a handful of information, limiting you to watching certain content. To know whether this device you want to purchase has vast content to confirm the storage capability. The more the storage capacity, the more the content in the device.

A 4K video support with HDR

A best 4K streaming device enables you to experience a theatre set up like in your sitting. What about if you purchase a gigabit internet connection or install Wi-Fi to support the system! For sure, you will have upgraded to a premium level of performance due to the special features of the 4K video. In terms of entertainment for your home. 4K videos allow you to have access to 4K services that aren’t available on the normal TV types.

Well-designed Performance audio

For an immersive audio experience, search super quality speakers or voice by typing on a screen recording which will enhance support to the show you are watching, movies, or songs you are watching. Use the voice. These aren’t separate speakers but are microphones embedded on the device, so check to confirm if the device has those microphone remotes for quality sound trucks. Some apps give an option of you using your cellphone as a remote. Search around if you find it; it can make your device more amazing.

Organized apps

Since thousands of channels are available on the devices, the device should have a feature that allows reordering and deleting. This will enable you to access other new apps that you haven’t used and delete the ones you don’t need. Having a customized home screen is very appealing as it will not make you scroll and seldom over the used app already, .so consider an organized app system.

Universal search

Go for models that permit you to search across numerous available services. You can search for the movies of your choice, shows, music, dramas, or movies. This is an amazing feature because, without it, you will be forced to watch an entire show is when you can have access to another one, and maybe you aren’t interested in what you are watching.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a TV antenna?

This is a device that supports the viewing of local broadcasting channels. A TV antenna enables a person to watch local TV such as news channels, ABC, FOX, and NBC. Thanks to technology and internet growth, allowing you to watch any local station you wish without an antenna and paying a monthly subscription fee the required amount that fits you. It is a way of saving on a lot of cost that would have been wasted paying on TV charges on monthly basis. 

What is a streaming device?

This device allows the user to get access to thousands of channels without TV signals, TV cables, TV antennas, or satellites. It allows you to stream to various apps preloaded, but then you have to log in to the account and pay the subscription fee rated by the app. These apps are Disney plus, Netflix, CBS app, CW, Hulu, and many more. With a streaming device, you get access to quality information on the internet and the freedom to stream into major networks and broadcasts without any difficulty.

Which is the best streaming device to use?

The market offers an array of streaming devices, starting from android products, amazon TV fire stick, Alexa, and Chromecast TV; choice and preference remain to be individual decisions. Go for what you like, what satisfies and inspires you. If you prefer Apple products, then go for Apple TV, and vice versa applies to other products.

How do I use a streaming device?

All you need is a reliable source of internet access; with a strong network, you can follow up on your favorite shows, music, news, sports, and more. Other apps like Disney +, YouTube, Netflix will require you to create an account.

Does a Smart TV need a streaming device?

Most Smart TVs have streaming devices; they have streaming devices, apps, and websites. As long as you have the internet, you are good to go.log into both the steaming device and Login device to access content and remember to save the login so that you don’t have to log in any time you need to use it repeatedly.


Today, technology and the internet have enhanced the entertainment industry. With or without a TV antenna, you can stream local channels and access many contents. We are in a world where people embrace technology, so watch local broadcast networks such as PBS, CBS, FOX, NBS, ABC, and dozens of channels by streaming online. You can watch your shows, movies, sports, and news anywhere you wish.

 The idea enables cord-cutting and saves costs from buying satellite packages. You can access thousands of channels by using a digitalized device. After reading this article and analyzing it am sure you’re going to throw away your TV antennae and embrace streaming. Buying a suitable device is one of the decisions to have in mind, but for a good device, consider factors such as 4K video support with HDR, universal search, organized apps, well designed audio performance, availability of content, and storage capacity.

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